Autodoc-Style Directives#

You can opt to write API documentation yourself using autodoc style directives. These directives work similarly to autodoc, but docstrings are retrieved through static analysis instead of through imports.

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When transitioning to autodoc-style documentation, you may want to turn the autoapi_generate_api_docs option off so that automatic API documentation is no longer generated.

To use these directives you will need to enable the autodoc extension in your Sphinx project’s

extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 'autoapi.extension']

For Python, all directives have an autodoc equivalent and accept the same options. The following directives are available:

.. autoapimodule::#
.. autoapiclass::#
.. autoapiexception::#

Equivalent to automodule, autoclass, and autoexception respectively. autodoc_inherit_docstrings does not currently work.

.. autoapifunction::#
.. autoapidata::#
.. autoapimethod::#
.. autoapiattribute::#

Equivalent to autofunction, autodata, automethod, and autoattribute respectively.

Inheritance Diagrams#

.. autoapi-inheritance-diagram::#

This directive uses the sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram extension to create inheritance diagrams for classes.

For example:

Inheritance diagram of autoapi.mappers.python.objects.PythonModule, autoapi.mappers.python.objects.PythonPackage

sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram makes use of the sphinx.ext.graphviz extension, and therefore it requires Graphviz to be installed.

The directive can be configured using the same options as sphinx.ext.inheritance_diagram.